This section contains several screencasts that demonstrate the cross-platform support for F#. The screencasts demonstrate how to install F# on various platforms, how to use F# command line tools, working with several additional scripts that provide cross-platform support for F# as well as how to install F# support to cross-platform source code editors and IDEs.

One of the main purposes of these screencasts is to demonstrate that F# can be easily used in a cross-platform environment. This is essential for example in academia for teaching, because it gives the same great F# “user experience” to all users of F#, no matter what platform they use. F# can be installed on Windows (running on .NET), Linux and Mac (running on Mono). In the future, this page will hopefully include screencasts from all of these platforms.


Installing and using F# command line tools on Linux

(by Tomas Petricek)

This screencast shows how to start using F# on Linux. It demonstrates:

How to install F# on Linux from a ZIP file available at
How to install additional scripts and tools from F# cross-platform samples and packages
Working with command line tools distributed as part of F#
Using F# Interactive to create and evolve a simple Gtk# user interface
Writing an application Gtk# and compiling it from command line


Installing and using F# plugin for MonoDevelop on Linux

(by Tomas Petricek)

See the F# plugin for MonoDevelop in action! This screencast shows:

How to install the F# MonoDevelop plugin from an online repository
Writing F# Script Files (fsx) and using F# Interactive pad
Creating and compiling standalon F# projects and using Windows Forms libraries in MonoDevelop
The screencast also demonstrates IntelliSense features provided by the addin, such as identifier completion, tool tips and background parsing and type-checking.
The repository used in the screencast is:


Running F# on Mac OS X

(by Matt Harrington)

An easy way of using F# on Mac OS with TextMate editor:

Running F# on Mac OS X using Mono
How to install F# using ZIP from Microsoft on Mac OS X
Get and install F# colorization for TextMate
Working with F# interactive from TextMate


More screencasts?

We’re currently working on more screencasts, so stay tuned and check back soon! Are you interested in recording a cross-platform sceencast yourself? That’s great, let us known! Is there some F# aspect (related to the installation or cross-platform usage) that you find tricky and that you’d like to see here? Let us know as well!